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Harrogate independent herbalife nutrition distributors

About Us..

‍Hi there, we are Libby and Simon.

We’ve both used Herbalife Nutrition for over 8 years to lose and then maintain a healthy weight, support our exercise regime, and supplement our general wellness.

We are passionate about supporting people in making healthier choices and achieving their wellness goals, and the results that our clients get continue to wow us!

Have you ever wondered?
  • “How do I even start to create a healthy eating plan?”
  • “Where can I find the time to come up with healthy, nutritious meals?”
  • “Will I ever find a way to lose weight and keep it off?”
  • “Does Herbalife actually work?”“
  • Can I make an extra income from the Herbalife business opportunity?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re not alone, as these are questions that we asked too.

In fact, before we came across Herbalife Nutrition we both had full-on office jobs, working long hours and grabbing a bite to eat when we could. As a result we struggled with our energy, carried a few extra pounds, and really had no idea how to balance our nutrition properly.

Your Wellness Reboot is part of our support structure to help you make best use of Herbalife's world leading nutrition products and make the changes in your lifestyle that will result in a life of long term  wellness.


A month after becoming a Herbalife member I, Libby, attended my first big training event – a two-day 'Kick-Off' event in London. Now, I’d heard that these events were something else - full of inspiration, parties, and great business building ideas - but I didn’t expect to meet my future husband as well!

After a brief introduction at the event (where we had a definite “oh hello!” moment) we started chatting via Facebook, which turned into long phone calls, and then dates, and then Simon moved to Yorkshire from London, and the rest, as they say, is history!

what we can offer you

Every month we support hundreds of people on their wellness journey. Our clients come to us with individual requirements - after all we all have different body goals – and we in turn recommend the right programme and support structure. We know how confusing and time consuming it can be to put together a healthy meal plan, so we’ve done all the thinking for you!

On top of that we mentor a wonderful team of Herbalife coaches, guiding them in building a sustainable extra income by doing what we do.  

On Your Wellness Reboot you will find a wealth of information on:
  • Weight Management
  • Energy & Wellness
  • Mindset Boosters
  • Sports Performance
  • Business Opportunity

To put it simply, using Herbalife Nutrition has transformed the way we nourish ourselves and the way that we live – our business gives us time freedom and flexibility around our young daughter, and it is genuinely wonderful to be  part of someone’s transformation to feeling fantastic about themselves.

Through this site we want to inspire you to take the next steps on your wellness journey, in the confidence that we have 100 percent got your back.

why follow us?

It takes commitment to create new habits and having been on our own wellness journeys we know the pitfalls and temptations that are out there! It has made such a difference to us to be part of a community of people with similar goals, and to receive regular inspiration and helpful tips to keep us on track.

That’s what we in turn want to give you – everything you need to achieve your dreams.

Your wellness awaits!

Libby & Simon

Meet the team

Libby Lancaster-Brown

Libby’s time is split between mum duties and working with her Herbalife clients – thank goodness for being your own boss!

She’s passionate about people feeling great about themselves and is currently studying Life Coaching so she has even more tools to support her clients and team members.

Outside of work she loves to travel, hike, read and catch up with friends and family.

Before Herbalife, Libby studied Business Studies at the University of Greenwich and was a Project Manager for a number of large organisations, including Transport for London & the 2012 London Olympics.

Simon Lancaster-Brown

Simon is the technical whizz of the business and mentor to his team of Wellness Coaches.

Over his 20+ years as a Herbalife Independent Distributor he has supported hundreds of Herbalife Members in successfully establishing their businesses and has travelled far and wide to train and inspire large audiences of Herbalife colleagues.

Simon is also a keen hiker, traveller and socialiser, as well as a keen tuba player and of course Dad!

Before Herbalife, Simon studied Business Studies at the University of East London and was a Management Information Analyst at UBS Investment Bank.

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