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Harrogate independent herbalife nutrition distributors

Your Wellness Reboot

‍Hi there, we are Libby and Simon. We’ve both used Herbalife Nutrition for over 8 years to lose and then maintain a healthy weight, support our exercise regime, and supplement our general wellness.

We are passionate about supporting people in making healthier choices and achieving their wellness goals, and the results that our clients get continue to wow us!

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Testimonials from clients and challenge participants**

"Thank you for a great first week guys! Loving everyone's energy in the group! It's such a great support network. Really enjoying seeing what everyone's having and a big fan of the exercise videos.  The meals / snacks have been so tasty & it goes without saying so are the shakes!! I'm noticing a difference in my energy levels & my shape already. and my partner is noticing too! Ready and raring to go into week 2!"
- Alicia
"I joined the challenge to lose body fat and gain muscle and my body fat went down to 8% and I gained few lbs of muscle! I really enjoyed the exercises, but I could have done more. I really enjoyed all the meals and snacks, and all simple to make! The Challenge helped me feel more confident and I love the fact I now have more energy! I would definitely recommend this to friends as I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
- Tom
"I lost my mojo and hoped the challenge would help with my motivation. I enjoyed the recipes & snacks that weren't just boiled eggs and tins of tuna ;) I achieved 7lb weight loss, 3lb muscle gain. Most importantly - I gained self-acceptance. I would 100% recommend to friends and family... and strangers in the street. :)"
- Alley (Wales)
"Yesterday I managed to put on a pair of jeans, size 12. No elastic waistband a good old button and zip and managed to do it up without having to lay on the bed or jump up and down...!  Weight -21b, Body fat -1.3lb, Muscle +21b! I'm so chuffed with my results this week, so looking forward to next week with you guys to do it all over again!"
- becky
"Being told what to eat and when is exactly what I needed. It took all the effort and guesswork away and left me with a simple plan to follow. The recipes have been phenomenal. They are delicious meals that I will continue to cook for my family. I’m not a huge meat eater so the veggie options were great too."
- Rebecca (Leeds)
"I've ditched the scales but I'm down 2 cm from my waist, 1.5 cm from my hips and I am definitely feeling better. Also knocked a minute off my 10k time this week!"
- kATE (Harrogate)
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